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Professional Certificate in Risk Management –– Intake #5 10/24/2019
  The EIoD finalized intake #5 of the “Professional Certificate in Risk Management” on 23rd of October 2019 that aimed to shed some lights of the enterprise risks that may face each company and how to mitigate these risks in both short and long terms through the best ways to manage it. Also this program provides the definition of risk and the difference between business risks and enterprise risks. And it also enhance the necessity of creating specified department that should consider all types of risks and crisis that may face the company and also how the company could deal with it.Worth mentioning, this program that developed and delivered with the technical support of the leading practitioners in Egypt and MENA Region, attended by a number of companies’ directors, risk managers from a number of the leading companies in Egypt from securities companies, insurance sector, FOBs, and public sector companies in addition to FRA heads.
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