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MBA in CG first Professional Certificate 7/15/2019
  The Egyptian Institute of Directors (EIoD) – affiliate of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) - finalized the first professional certificate in the MBA in CG program, conducted by the EIoD in collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology entitled “Certified Expert in Corporate Governance”.It aims at qualifying the attendees to be familiar with all recommendations of corporate governance and the methods of guidance and sound control of companies, which help them to play their role in monitoring and diagnosing the current status of their institutions in terms of governance applications, as well as the development of future plans to accommodate all recommendations that come in favor of those institutions and achieve the objectives of their shareholders..Worth mentioning, this program delivered by a number of governance experts in Egypt and the Arab region, Mr. Seif El Din Awni, Mr. Mohamed Tarek Youssef, Mr. Ehab Shawky and Mr. Mohamed Owais.
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