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“Principals of Corporate Governance” Seminar to the Financial Regulatory Authority FRA 8/2/2018
  The Egyptian Institute of Directors EIoD introduced a Seminar entitled “Principals of Corporate Governance” to the G Financial Regulatory Authority FRA on Tuesday 31st of July 2018. This seminar that introduced by Mr. Tarek Youssef - EIoD Master Trainer and CG Expert in Egypt and Arab Region, with presence of Mr. Abdel Hamid Ibrahim – FRA Board Member, Mr. Mohamed Yehia – Advisor to FRA Chairman, and Mr. Gamal Khalifa – EIoD Executive Director, aims at spreading awareness about CG principals and its benefits on the private and public sector, also it sheds some lights of the public governance to the country and its institutions, in addition to focusing on the level of CG enforcement in Egypt by CG directives set by FRA to the listed companies and securities companies, besides some discussions on the Egyptian CG Coded published by the EIoD on 2016. Worth mentioning that the Egyptian Institute of Directors EIoD, is the pioneer institute in Egypt and the MENA Region that responsible for spreading awareness of Corporate Governance implementations and its related issues through the provision of different activities such as training courses, consultation and research services, holding conferences, seminars, and workshops.
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