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“Role of the Corporate Secretary – Training Course” Intake #19 2/8/2017
  Tuesday 7th of February 2017 marked Finalizing intake #19 of the training course entitled “Role of the Corporate Secretary” the first program in Egypt and the MENA Region introduced by the EIoD, the program aims at familiarize participants with the vital and strategic role of Corporate Secretary in ensuring the commitment of the company's departments and personnel of the laid down procedures to protect the rights of shareholders. Worth mention, the program introduced by Mr. Tarek Youssef & Mrs. Rania Farouk – CG Experts in Egypt and the Arab Region.It is known that the Egyptian Institute of Directors EIoD, is the pioneer institute in Egypt and the MENA Region that responsible for spreading awareness of Good Corporate Governance implementations and its related issues through the provision of different activities such as training courses, consultation and research services, in addition to holding conferences, seminars, and workshops.
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