Egyptian - Swedish CSR Cooperation Event

Date: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Location: Swedish Embassy, Zamalek

Time: Evening

The Swedish Trade Council and the Swedish Embassy in collaboration with the Egyptian Institute of Directors (EIoD), the Egyptian Corporate Responsibility Center and CSR Sweden will organize an event to increase corporate awareness on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. At the same time, we will also expand Sweden’s relations with Egyptian institutions and industry, by sharing expertise on how to build a healthier local business environment.

The event will take place on December 2nd at the Swedish Embassy, Zamalek. Around 100 local and international experts, business leaders along with representatives from international and governmental organizations are expected to attend the event.

The event will focus on comparative learning within CSR where expertise and best practices will be shared from both Egypt and Sweden. The program will emphasize Egypt’s transformation in terms of its institutional integration into the World economy and the importance of business ethics and Corporate Governance to attract foreign investment in the country. We will highlight certain areas such as the new Egyptian Stock Exchange rating on how committed companies are to social responsibility and climate issues, which is on the agenda during Sweden’s EU presidency.

The future cooperation between CSR Sweden, EIoD and ECRC will lead to a long-term relationship between Sweden and Egypt where focus is on education and training to increase the CSR knowledge and expertise in Egypt.  

If you are interested to attend the event, please email: registration@ecrc.org.eg