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Participation of the EIoD in the Global IoD Meeting 5/20/2014
  The Egyptian Institute of Directors EIoD affiliate of the Egyptian financial Supervisory Authority EFSA participated in the Global IoD Meeting that held in Istanbul, Turkey 13th & 14th of May 2014, hosted by Corporate Governance Association of Turkey and Arguden Governance Academy, and under auspices of the International Finance Corporation IFC, and in participation of representatives from more than 25 Institute of Directors & Governance Institutes form all over the world.
Sherif Samy – EFSA Chairman explained that this year meeting negotiated sharing experiences among the IoDs globally through expressing challenges facing the IoDs and how to overcome them by its cooperation and also tools, mechanisms, and best practices IFC does facilitate in order to enhance IoDs growth and sustainability. Also the negotiations addressed IoDs success stories and ways that provide its activities such as increasing its membership bases even individuals and corporate members versus the benefits introduced to them such as the wide knowledge and many educational activities as well, also increasing IoDs’ resources from training, consulting, and research services in addition to conducting conferences, seminars, and orientation sessions in corporate governance and its related issues.
Worth mentioning that Gamal Khalifa – head of the EIoD mentioned that the participation of the EIoD in this year meeting through presence of Mohamed Reyad – EIoD Training & Development Expert, came to assure the leading role of the EIoD regionally, where it is the first IoD in MENA region focus since its inauguration in 2003 on CG and its implementations beside his important role in supporting the similar IoDs in the Region.
During the meeting, the Egyptian representative did show the EIoD experience in working with SMEs in CG applications highlighting its benefits in qualifying SMEs to be listed on Nilex, guarantee its sustainability and operations efficiency in addition to providing the needed access to finance.
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