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Qualified Internal Auditor QIA – Intake #21 1/29/2019
  The EIoD finalized on Tuesday 29th of January 2019, the Qualified Internal Auditor QIA – Certificate Program – Intake #21 throughout 6 training days during January 2019 .This certificate is the first certificate in Egypt and MENA Region that aims at qualifying internal auditors in all types of companies through a very condensed training program that covers the theoretical and practical fundamentals of internal audit functions as one of the major pillars in the internal control system in each company.Hence, this certificate is designed with the technical support of the leading practitioners in Egypt and the Arab Region targeting audit committees’ members, internal auditors, internal controllers, and compliance officers in the listed & non-listed companies in both public and private sector, beside banks and non-banking financial institutions in Egypt and MENA Region.
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