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Internal Control Design & Evaluation – Certificate Program – Intake #4 9/3/2015
  The Egyptian Institute of Directors (EIoD) affiliate of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) introduced Intake #4 of the training course titled “Internal Control Design & Evaluation – Certificate Program” on Wednesday 2nd of September 2015, the first program that designed to help directors, managers, Internal Controllers, Internal Auditors, and Risk & Compliance Managers to build, manage, monitor and evaluate the performance of their functions and processes to ensure that they meet the strategic and operational targets.The training course targets a number of the key executives of a number of listed and non-listed companies from public sector, private sector in Egypt, and also with presence of a number of Securities and Petroleum Companies heads.Worth mentioning that this program designed and delivered in collaboration with Mr. Hussam Salem and Mr. Hisham Ibrahim – Internal Control & Audit Experts in Egypt and MENA Region.
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