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The Executive:
The Egyptian Institute of Directors (EIoD) is proud to introduce its quarterly magazine (the Executive) which focuses on issues of Corporate Governance, Investment and management adding to this articles written by directors, executives and key persons in our society.

Issue no.1
Issue no.2
Issue no.3
Issue no.4 (Arabic)
Issue no.4 (English)
Issue no.5 (English)
Issue no.5 (Arabic)
Issue no.6 (Arabic)
Issue no.6 (English)
Issue no.7 (Arabic)
Issue no.7 (English)
Issue no.8 (English)
Issue no.8 (Arabic)
Issue no.9 (English)
Issue no.9 (Arabic)
Issue no.10 (English)
Issue no.10 (Arabic)
Issue no.11 (English)
Issue no.11 (Arabic)
Issue no. 12 (English)
Issue no. 12 (Arabic)
issue No.13 (English)
issue No.13 (Arabic )
Issue No.14 (English)
Issue No.14 (Arabic)